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Why BAU?

BPC Alpha UCITS is a highly diversified actively managed UCITS Fund, which uses primarily Long Short Equity Managers as well as Event Driven and Quant Macro Managers. Over 70% of the fund's assets are managed in equities, with seven managers based in the US, LA, San Francisco, New York and Washington, and the remaining four in London, Hong Kong and Paris.

Why Invest into BPC UCITS now? The 40 year "bull market' in bonds has arguably come to an end. COVID-19 has affected the world's bond markets even more, with US$50tn of bonds yielding less than 2%. But inflation is showing up in certain areas and hence the need to earn positive returns in excess of inflation. Timing the equity markets is extremely difficult and along time horizon is required. Investments in 'illiquid assets' can provide extra returns but at the expense of extra risk and/or less liquidity.


BAU is a daily liquid fund, which means that investors can invest and redeem every business day. BAU has unique return boosting potential compared to cash and bonds, while only exhibiting ca a third of the volatility and strong capital preservation in equity market sell offs.


The most important objective the fund is to provide capital appreciation across all weather or market conditions with lower risk than equities.

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