BPC provides tailor made solutions on a client by client basis. Especially when investing in Liquid Alternative Investments, there is no “one size fits all” but rather a different menu of requirements from each investor. As such, we have the ability to customise portfolios in line with desired risk & return targets, always with the objective of maximising sharpe ratios and minimising regulatory charges, such as Solvency II requirements for insurance companies.

BPC has been an independent solutions provider with significant experience in absolute return solutions since 2001 for institutional investors in Liquid Alternative Investments.

Tighter regulatory/tax regimes and constraints on investor risk-taking ability, be it market or reputational risks on the one hand or the requirements to create returns over current market yields on the other hand demand carefully balanced, bespoke investor solutions.

BPC has strong expertise in tailoring Managed Account Platform and UCITS solutions to meet the “individualisation” of investors in Liquid Alternative Investments.

In this context BPC advised a selected number of European investors on the creation of dedicated managed account platform solutions (“D-MAP”), in partnership with leading providers of such solutions in the North American institutional market.

A D-MAP chiefly involves:

  • A holistic approach to the client portfolio including specific desired risk exposure limits
  • Premier operational infrastructure hosting the managers of choice according to the client’s preferred geographic and asset class exposures, within a pre-set risk/return framework
  • Using European regulated fund structures for the exclusive use of single investors
  • Offering innovative solutions to reduce Solvency II-related capital requirements