For almost two decades, BPC has been providing tailor-made alternative investment solutions for Institutional Investors. Post-GFC, BPC has specialised in Liquid Alternatives, and helping investors to set up transparent onshore structures avoid non-transparent offshore structures. More recently, BPC advised a selected number of European investors on the creation of dedicated managed account solutions, in partnership with leading providers in the North American institutional market.

BPC also advises and manages UCITS and Managed Account portfolios.

Bourne Park Capital Ltd. was founded in 1999 to take advantage of the developing interest from German and Austrian investors in alternative investments, in particular hedge funds and managed accounts.

The company was authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA, formerly FSA) in the UK in 2001. The combination of regulatory constraints, the limited transparency of many hedge fund investments and the lack of standard access to the most suitable products led BPC to develop effective tools for advising institutional investors on holding such investments in the most effective manner. Since 2010, BPC has been primarily accessing alternative investments for its clients using managed accounts and UCITS strategies in a dynamically managed fashion. BPC is seeking to generate “absolute returns” in an environment characterised by rising interest rates, volatile equity markets and high valuations. BPC marries the skill set of some of the world’s best alternative investment managers in the USA and UK with liquid, transparent and operationally sound European investment structures.

BPC’s main office is based in London and employs a team of research, operations and legal professionals and benefits from a distinguished advisory board, including well-known hedge fund practitioners based in North America and Europe.